Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dan Auerbach- Keep it Hid

Artist: Dan Auerbach
Album: Keep it Hid
Genre: Indie Rock, Blues, Alternative
Country of origin: USA
Year: 2009 (advance copy)

1. Trouble Weighs a Ton
2. I Want Some More
3. Heartbroken, in Disrepair
4. Because I Should
5. Whispered Words
6. Real Desire
7. When the Night Comes
8. Mean Monsoon
9. The Prowl
10. Keep It Hid
11. My Last Mistake
12. When I Left the Room
13. Street Walkin'
14. Goin' Home

Dan Auerbach is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the rock group, the Black Keys, whom I actually don't really listen to. I stumbled onto his solo album while I was fucking around and figured I would give it a listen or two. It turns out he's fucking awesome. He's got clever lyrics and catchy guitar riffs while fusing blues and southern rock (a la Black Crowes) while retaining an indie sound. I would call him the bastard child (the good bastard child) of the Black Crowes and Pink Mountaintops, a side-project of Vancouver stoner rock group Black Mountain. If you're looking for something to groove to that's a little different, defintiely check this out. "I'm just a kid and you're a walking candy store."

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noodle said...

there are days when i just keep this on repeat.