Monday, January 26, 2009

Handsome Furs- Face Control

Artist: Handsome Furs
Album: Face Control
Genre: Indie Rock
Country of origin: Canada
Year: 2009 (advance copy)

  1. "Legal Tender"
  2. "Evangeline"
  3. "Talking Hotel Arbat Blues"
  4. "(Passport Kontrol)"
  5. "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything"
  6. "I'm Confused"
  7. "(White City)"
  8. "Nyet Spasiba"
  9. "Officer of Hearts"
  10. "(It's Not Me, It's You)"
  11. "Thy Will Be Done"
  12. "Radio Kaliningrad"
Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, his partner, are back with a follow up of their (awesome) 2007 album "Plague Park." Apparently the album was recorded after their touring of Russia and the title, "Face Control," does not dispute the assertion. Face control is what they call discriminatory filtering by night club bouncers and the tactic is often referred to throughout the album. If you like their first album, which I'm pretty sure I've posted on here earlier or at least on A-E, definitely don't miss this. Even if you didn't, Handsome Furs have taken on a different sound; a sound that is more rock oriented and guitar driven (much like Wolf Parade). Dan Boeckner is quoted saying "somewhere along the line, we [Handsome Furs] turned into a rock and roll band."
Not to jump the gun, but I can already tell that this will not only be a favourite of mine in 2009, but will definitely be a contender for a top 10 of '09 (along with Andrew Bird's already released "Noble Beast.")
Another thing I'd like to point out that I find particularly interesting about Boeckner is that he has a tattoo of the Sabcat- which may indicate possible anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist political leanings. Since some of you are leftists, I'd figure I'd share this.

Keep on rockin' in the free werld.

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