Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Megapuss- Surfing

1. Crop Circle Jerk '94
2. Duck People Duck Man
3. To the Love Within
4. Adam & Steve
5. Theme from Hollywood
6. Surfing
7. Lavender Blimp
8. Mister Meat (Hot Rejection)
9. Hamman
10. Gun on His Hip and a Rose on His Chest
11. Chicken Titz
12. Sayulita
13. Older Lives
14. Another Mother

Megapuss is the brain child of Devendra Banhart and Greg Rogo (sp?). They initially started out as a joke, but recorded an album and released it last year. Their songs have a very 60s feel to them, but have really funny lyrics. If you're a fan of Devendra, or not, check it out.


Tuesday said...

this album is fantastic.
thx for posting it!

Foldered said...

No problem, I love it, too!

rickdog said...
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