Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mother Mother- Touch Up

Arist: Mother Mother
Album: Touch Up
Year: 2007
Genre: Rock, Indie, Alternative
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Mother Mother has been at the top of my charts since I started listening to them a while ago and in honour of seeing them live, I'm going to upload their albums. This is their first album, it's quite heavily acoustic, but more than likely quite a bit different than the acoustic music you usually listen to. To me, Mother Mother is this decade's answer to the Pixies (even though the Pixies are still *really* popular and prevalent). Ryan Guldemond's singing voice reminds me so much of Frank Black that I find it uncanny and their use of harmonies is quite similar. If you're looking for something awesome that I'm sure will be *huge* in a couple years, check this out. They're already getting quite a bit of airplay on CBC.

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