Monday, May 3, 2010


Album: retrospective
Genre: Screamo
Country of Origin: NYC, USA
Year: 2oo5

One of my favorite screamo bands of all time.

Saetia had numerous members throughout its existence, with frequent changes in membership. The band's first bass player, Alex Madara, was affected by a severe allergic reaction which placed him into a coma for eight days, finally resulting in his death on 1998-12-14.

Their drummer, Greg Drudy, was the original drummer of the indie-rock band Interpol prior to their current popularity. He currently runs the record label Level Plane. Other members of the band continued their musical careers in numerous outfits, some of them joining screamo bands such as Off Minor, Hot Cross, and The Fiction, as well as the nu-metal band Instruction.

Get it!

Check out the track Closed hands, one of the best examples true emotion in music i have ever heard.

Love lost but not forgotten

Love lost but not forgotten
Album: Upon the right, i saw a new misery
Genre: Screamo
Country of Origin: Missouri, USA
Year: 2000

Hello AE, long time no post. this is my first post in a string of posts i will be making soon. But first off is Love Lost But not Forgotten. Amazing screamo band, if your fan of pg.99 you should get this.... that is if you haven't already.

Get it.