Monday, September 29, 2008

Supreme Beings of Leisure - 11i

Band: Supreme Beings of Leisure
Album: 11i
Genre: Trip-Hop/Electronic
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2008

Track Listing:
  1. The Light
  2. This World
  3. Mirror
  4. Swallow
  5. Good
  6. Pieces
  7. Angelhead (feat. Lili Haydn)
  8. Ride
  9. Oneness (feat. Marty Firedman)
  10. Everywhere
  11. Lay Me Down
Supreme Beings of Leisure are a Trip-Hop group from L.A. that play incredibly chill, often groovy music. The third track on the album, "Mirror", also has an excellent anti-consumerist music video.

La Rumeur des Chaînes - La Rumeur des Chaînes

Band: La Rumeur des Chaînes
Album: La Rumeur des Chaînes
Genre: Melodic Black Metal/Romantic Classical/Jazz
Country of Origin: France
Year: 2005

Track Listing:
  1. L'Encre et la Plume
  2. Erythème
  3. Le Baptistère
La Rumeur des Chaînes' (the murmur of chains, in French) eponymous EP is one of the most interesting Black Metal releases I've heard. They mix Black Metal with... symphonic jazz? Not quite sure how to describe it. The band and songs are also very conceptual, from the band's site:

La Rumeur des Chaines is an expression of our fears and feelings about Human nature and his place in this world. It's a way to show our incomprehension of a too complex society, where the individual doesn't really exist anymore and in which we cannot find our way about. The lyrics deal with how the individual is perverted by his environment, how he is loosing any attachment to his roots."

And on the lyrics page of their website, the songs carry these descriptions:

L'Encre et la Plume: The main theme of “L’Encre et la Plume” is about masses manipulation. In this song, La Plume (Feather) is the embodiment of those who are able to write down their will for power on weak spirits.

Erythème deals with the reciprocity in manipulation processes, trying to prove that any takeover necessarily induce a mutual dependence between master and slave.

Le Baptistère: This song considers the consequences of a divine rebellion against mankind, which is inexorably drifting.


Le Scrawl - Eager to Please

Band: Le Scrawl
Album: Eager to Please
Genre: Grind/Jazz
Country: Germany
Year: 2004

"The crazed, genre-scrambling grindcore of Germany's Le Scrawl is, as threatened, back! This new 13-song, 16-minute cdep will either bring a big smile to your face or confuse and annoy you utterly. Imagine Napalm Death teamed up with Uz Jsme Doma. That is, political punk metal all fucked up with horns and a weird sense of humor. Keyboards and flugelhorn aren't normally part of an underground grind band's arsenal, but Le Scrawl aren't normal... Metal nerds should note that this was recorded by Harris Johns, whose previous credits include numerous Sodom albums as well as Voivod, Helloween, Coroner, Tankard, Pestilence, Saint Vitus, Therion, S.A.D.O., and more. But this definitely must have been a unique session for Johns! Scrawl are one of the original wacky grind outfits, and they sure know how to mix up the gruff and the smooth. Metal riff one moment, lounge groove the next. And having just seen 'em live on a rare US tour, I have to say I was amazed at their deadpan delivery of their complex and, well, silly material. Oh yeah, if you don't like ska...well just wait 5 seconds...every five seconds." - Aquarius Records Review

The review about sums it up, but this is the 2004 release from one of the most fun bands I've heard in ages. Not sure how popular they are, so maybe I'm late in the game, but wowzers are they entertaining. A weird mix of jazz, funk, and grind. Far too happy for how evil and fast it is. For fans of Final Fantasy battle music, Anal Cunt, and vaudeville. Enjoy with an open mind and sense of humor!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Melencolia Estatica - Melencolia Estatica

Band: Melencolia Estatica
Album: Melencolia Estatica
Genre: Black Metal
Country of Origin: Italy
Year: 2006

Track Listing:

1. Meditatio I
2. Meditatio II
3. Meditatio III
4. Meditatio IV

Melancolia Estatica is a depressive BM solo project from Italy, featuring Climaxia, the guitarist from Absentia Lunae, on all instruments. She has released two albums, self-titled, in 2006, and Letum in 2008. This band is meant to remain in shadow, not many informations given, as a consequence of the intimacy of the concealed concept.

Very much recommended!


Friday, September 26, 2008

She & Him - Volume One

Band: She & Him
Album: Volume One
Genre: Indie/60s Pop/Country/Folk
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2008

Track Listing:
  1. Sentimental Heart
  2. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
  3. This Is Not A Test
  4. Change Is Hard
  5. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
  6. Take It Back
  7. I Was Made For You
  8. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  9. Black Hole
  10. Got Me
  11. I Should Have Known Better
  12. Sweet Darlin'
  13. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
She & Him is duo consisting of actress Zooey Deschanel (Pronounced: zoey day-shu-NELL) and musician M. Ward. They play an amalgamation and mix of Indie, Folk, old-fashioned 60s style Pop, and Country. Songs like "Change Is Hard" and "I Should Have Known Better" are more Country, "I Was Made For You" instantly brings to mind older Pop music, "Sentimental Heart" brings piano and strings together into and a sad yet pretty mix, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and "Sweet Darlin'" burst with perkiness and Zooey Deschanel's lovely singing, echoed by Ward, brings poignancy to their interpretation of "You Really Got A Hold On Me". It's a delightful album that brings together many elements into a collection of tunes that bring with them many emotions and atmospheres. Let's hope there's a Volume Two.

Coaltar of the Deepers - Yukari Telepath

Band: Coaltar of the Deepers
Album: Yukari Telepath
Genre: Alternative Shoegaze
Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. Introduction of Zoei
  2. Zoei
  3. Wipeout (Retake)
  4. Water Bird
  5. Hedorian Forever
  6. Aquarian Age
  7. Automation Structures
  8. Interlude
  9. Lemurian Seed
  10. AOA
  11. Yukari Telepath
  12. Carnival (Oumagatoki Mix)
  13. Evil Line
  14. Ribbon no Kishi
  15. Deepless
Coaltar of the Deepers is pretty unusual Shoegaze. I list as Alternative Shoegaze because of the multitude of different influences and quirks that the music brings. Numerous tracks have Electronica influences and synths (a good example is "Automation Structures"), and the track "Wipeout (Retake)" even contains Death Metal growls, a Metallic heaviness and parts with a Japanese folk sound. Very interesting.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Unholy - the Second Ring of Power

Album: the Second Ring of Power
Genre: Doom Metal
Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 1994

Track Listing:

1. the second ring of power
2. languish for bliss
3. lady babylon
4. neverending day
5. dreamside
6. procession of black doom
7. covetous glance
8. air
9. serious personality disturbance and deep anxiety

this is the second album from cult doomsters Unholy, and probably my personal fave. i've never been able to sum up their sound very well (and there are no more good reviews of them on the interweb...), so here's a list of things to expect:
-mesmerizing atmosphere
-crushing and fucked up vocals
-even more fucked up female vocals

i've had this CD for years and listened to a lot of music in this genre, and nothing else really sounds like this. worth a spin if only to hear something you probably won't hear again.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lantlôs - Lantlôs

Album: Lantlôs
Genre: Black Metal
Country of Origin: Germany
Year: 2008

Track Listing:

1. þinaz Andawlitjam
2. Mitsommerregen
3. Ruinen
4. Kalte Tage
5. Ëin

The cold calling of our dying modernity, the German band Lantlôs is able to shape tasteful black metal and to switch inside their creation acoustic passages with a result that recalls of Ved Buens Ende and Amesoeurs. Lantlôs is a Distorted Aesthetic in the gloomy and fucked up obscure decadence, powerful disharmonic feeling is the artists palette to draw the listener to perdition and what may become a fatal introspection.

The rawness of the underground meets with spontaneity a submerged avant-garde mood for a band that will be able to gift the most sensitive side of the extreme crowd with their personal vision of the grey sub-audible

Recommended for fans of Amesoeurs, Lifelover, Valfunde and other depressive rock/Black Metal acts. FAULTY, this means YOU!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Molested - Blod Draum

Album: Blod Draum
Genre: Death Metal
Country of Origin: Norway
Year: 1995

Track Listing:

1. A Strife Won at Wraith
2. Along the Misty Morass
3. Unborn Woods in Doom
4. Following the Growls
5. Blod Draum
6. The Hate from Miasma Storms
7. Carved by Raven Claws
8. A Glade of Ingrown Blood
9. Forlorn as a Mist of Grief

Technical and atmospheric Norwegian death metal. Precursor to Borknagar, but musically very dissimilar. Molested was formed in May 1991 by Øystein G. Bruun on guitars and Erlend Erichsen on drums. Initially they were known as Purgation but they soon changed it into Molested. A month later Kenneth Lian (bass) and Trond Turnes (guitars) joined to form the current lineup. It's old school death metal, with a bit of a folk twist in some tracks - Very good stuff, recommended to any fan of metal. Blod Draum is the only full length album the band released.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Band: Film School
Album: Film School (self titled)
Genre: Shoegaze (Newgaze)
1.) Untitled
2.) On & On
3.) Harmed
4.) Pitfalls
5.) Breet
6.) He's A Deep Deep Lake
7.) Garrison
8.) 11:11
9.) Sick Of The Shame
10.) Like You Know

Film School is the second album of the band of the same name, and also my first exposure to the group. Initially being captivated by their modern shoe-gaze feel, new-gaze if you will, and rough around the edge riffs and all too often dreamy vocals along with several post-rock elements, I instantly fell in love with the band and this album. I think that spin(dot)com put it best:

"Quiet but intense, subtle but unrestrained, the songs of Film School possess, musically speaking, more balls than Sigur Ros and less eccentricity than Moby. It's like a seamless score to your dreams. Or hallucinations"

Give it a spin, then go ahead and put it on repeat.

buried inside - chronoclast

Band: Buried Inside
Album: Chronoclast (Selected Essays on Time-Reckoning and Auto-Cannibalism)
Genre: Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2005

  1. "Introduction" - 2:51
  2. "Time As Ideology" - 3:14
  3. "Time As Methodology" - 2:23
  4. "Time As Surrogate Religion" - 7:12
  5. "Time As Imperialism" - 4:24
  6. "Reintroduction" - 2:00
  7. "Time As Abjection" - 4:55
  8. "Time As Automation" - 0:56
  9. "Time As Commodity" - 5:50
  10. "Time As Resistance" - 6:15
Exerpt from Aversionline review:

"Fuck. This is an amazing fucking disc. This is the third full-length from these Canadians, though like many it's my first exposure to them, which is a shame in a way... because I wish I had been following them for years already! Expect 40 minutes of punishing metallic hardcore comparable to a blend of commonly bonded acts like Neurosis, Isis, Burst, and Tantrum, to name but a few noteworthy companions to this style of material. The record was written as one complete piece, here divided into 10 tracks that sort of cover two segments of five - each starting with an introductory piece and containing four different conceptual representation of time, reflecting the concept of the album. Amongst the material are tons of shifts from sinister atmospheric passages using clean guitars and a distinct bass presence to frantically picked chords that are faster and backed by far more frenzied drum work that lays down shitloads of fills all over the place, as well as absolutely crushing midpaced rhythms that are much chunkier and more tangible in level of dissonance (such influences are certainly my favorite aspects of the CD)."

in short, it's a huge, raging album with loads of sophistication that's more rewarding than most of the other stuff i've ever sent through my headphones. not for the weak of heart, but i have faith you guys can take it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Atrox - Orgasm

Band: Atrox
Album: Orgasm
Genre: Avant-garde/ progressive gothic metal
Country of origin: Norway
Year: 2003


1. Methods of Survival
2. Flesh City
3. Heartquake
4. Burning Bridges
5. This Vigil
6. Tentacles
7. Secondhand Traumas
8. Pre-sense

This album is a true masterpiece of avant-garde/ progressive metal featuring Eivind Fjoseide and Tor-Arne Helgesen from Manes on guitar and drums respectively and the incredibly talented Monika Edvardsen on vocals. Monika Edvardsen is one of my absolute favourite singers, her voice is beautiful, powerful, sensual and just totally orgasmic really. The album also features fantastic male vocals by Rune Folgerø whose voice compliments Monika brilliantly. The music could be described as complex, beautiful, eccentric and emotional but really the excellence of this album and band cannot be described in words, you simply must download this and listen with an open mind.

The Evpatoria Report - The Evpatoria Report [EP]

The Evpatoria Report
Album: The Evpatoria Report [EP]
Genre: Post-Rock
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year: 2003

Track Listing:

1. Naptalan
2. Voskhod Project

...And this completes the all too small The Evpatoria Report discography - This is the first EP they recorded, came out 2 years before the [i]Golevka[/i] masterpiece. Please refer to THIS post for a description of the band.


The Evpatoria Report - Maar

Band: The Evpatoria Report
Album: Maar
Genre: Post-Rock
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year: 2008

Track Listing:

1. Eighteen Robins Road
2. Dar Now
3. Mithridate
4. Acheron

This is the brand-spankin' new album from The Evpatoria Report... Please refer to THIS post for more information about the band.


Monday, September 15, 2008

P.O.S. - Audition

Band: P.O.S.
Album: Audition
Genre: Hip-Hop with Punk influences
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2006

  1. Audition Ipecac
  2. Half-Cocked Concepts
  3. De La Souls
  4. Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered)
  5. Bush League Psyche-Out Stuff (feat. Slug of Atmosphere)
  6. Paul Kersey to Jack Kimball
  7. Safety in Speed (Heavy Metal) (feat. Craig Finn)
  8. The Kill in Me (feat. Maggie)
  9. Yeah Right (Science Science)
  10. Audition M.D.
  11. P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life
  12. Living Slightly Larger (feat. Mictlan)
  13. Suicide Uma Schrantz
  14. Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter) (feat. Slug)
  15. A Teddy Bear and a Tazer
  16. Audition Mantra
P.O.S. started out playing Punk Rock and maintained a hostile attitude towards Rap when younger, but eventually accepted Rap as a valid form of expression (though he still hates mainstream, superficial Rap) and began a musical career as a Rap artist; he's also a founding member of Hip-Hop group Doomtree and is a vocalist and guitarist in the Punk band Building Better Bombs. His music keeps a Punk influence and in many songs is incredibly aggressive, both in the music and in his powerful voice. Songs like "Half-Cocked Concepts", "Paul Kersey to Jack Kimball", and "P.O.S. is Ruining My Life" show aggression, while songs like "De La Souls" and "Bush League Psyche-Out Stuff" are mellower, giving the album rich variation in tone and sound that makes it impossible to zone out. Excellent album, particularly for fans of Punk and Metal who have never listened to Rap or Hip-Hop before. Slug from Atmosphere also makes guest appearences on two songs.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come

Band: Refused
Album: The Shape of Punk to Come
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country of Origin: Sweden
Year: 1998

Track Listing:
  1. Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull
  2. Liberation Frequency
  3. The Deadly Rhythm
  4. Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine
  5. Bruitist Pome #5
  6. New Noise
  7. The Refused Party Program
  8. Protest Song '68
  9. Refused Are Fuckin Dead
  10. The Shape Of Punk To Come
  11. Tannhäuser / Derivè
  12. The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax
"I got a bone to pick with capitalism and a few to break
Grab us by the throat and shake the life away
Human life is not commodity, figures, statistics or make believe!"

The opening verse of the first song of this album pretty much gives you an idea of what to expect from Refused; angry-as-fuck, anti-capitalist Hardcore Punk. The Shape of Punk to Come certainly gives you that, it has all the left wing pretenses and pounding energy you'd expect, while being more experimental and daring than their earlier work. This is particularly obvious with cases such as the Ambient "Bruitist Pome #5" and atmospheric Electronic break near the end of "New Noise". The album also displays a plethora of particularly awesome basslines. Enjoy.

Mostly Autumn - Heart Full of Sky

Band: Mostly Autumn
Album: Heart Full of Sky
Genre: Progressive Folk/Rock
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2007


1. Fading Colours
2. Half a World
3. Pocket Watch
4. Blue Light
5. Walk With a Storm
6. Find the Sun
7. Ghost
8. Broken
9. Silver Glass
10. Further From Home
11. Dreaming

This album is my favourite by the British progressive folk rock band Mostly Autumn. It shows clear influence from bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Jethro Tull and features many very varied songs which are all brilliant. This album features beautiful and powerful female vocals from Heather Findlay and excellent male vocals from Bryan Josh and Chris Johnson. Well worth downloading for anyone who is into progressive music or just fans of folk or rock in general.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ida Maria- Fortress Round My Heart

Band: Ida Maria
Album: Fortress Round My Heart
Genre: Indie Rock/Pop
Country of Origin: Norway
Year: 2008

Track Listing:
  1. Oh My God
  2. Drive Away My Heart
  3. Louie
  4. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
  5. Keep Me Warm
  6. Forgive Me
  7. Stella
  8. In the Morning Light
  9. Queen of the World
  10. See Me Through
If you're looking for something light-hearted and uplifting, Ida Maria is for you. With Bjork-esque vocals and punk influenced instrumentals, Ida can be both cute and sophisticated. Lots of her songs are "simple", but beautiful. Her lyrics aren't cryptic (which may be due to English being her second language), but they compliment the stripped down sound of her band. Don't let this one go by, I'm sure she'll be huge pretty soon and rightfully so.

Totalselfhatred - Totalselfhatred

Band: Totalselfhatred
Album: Totalselfhatred
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 2008

Track Listing:

1. Enlightment (not a typo...)
2. Ruoska
3. Sledge Hammered Heart
4. Spirituelle Equilibrium
5. Mighty Black Dimensions
6. Carving
7. Total Self-Hatred

Emotional, intensive and spiritual
Desperate & melancholic

Upon these terms
2 friends decided to fulfill a vision
they had since long

With the 3rd soul
joining in autumn 2005
They named it along their lives` spiritual
inspiration source:

The hate towards the self

To point it out clear!
The band is dedicated to the searching
Not to the self-pity

Totalselfhatred is a symbol for ressurrection
through pain

A pool for the frustrated

for the despereate in life
for those living and bleeding
towards a higher truth

To crush the circles of self-inflicted suffering!
For I am my worst enemy…

Fantastic Black Metal band out of Finland, grab this if you're even remotely into Black Metal.


Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus Act I

Band: Virgin Steele
Album: The House of Atreus Act I
Genre: Traditional/ Power Metal
Country of origin: USA
Year: 1999


1. Kingdom of the Fearless (the Destruction of Troy)
2. Blaze of Victory (the watchman's Song)
3. Through the Ring of Fire
4. Prelude in A Minor (the Voyage Home)
5. Death Darkly Closed Their Eyes (The Messenger's Song)
6. In Triumph or Tragedy
7. Return of the King
8. Flames of the Black Star (the Arrows of Herakles)
9. Narcissus
10. And Hecate Smiled
11. A Song of Prophecy
12. Child of Desolation
13. G Minor Invention (Descent Into Death's Twilight Kingdom)
14. Day of Wrath
15. Great Sword of Flame
16. The Gift of Tantalos
17. Iphigenia in Hades
18. The Fire God
19. Garden of Lamentation
20. Agony and Shame
21. Gate of Kings
22. Via Sacra

This epic album is the first part of a two-album concept telling the story of a classic Greek myth. The criminally underrated Virgin Steele, legends among people who know them, took the concept and expertly paired it with music so brilliant, so powerful and so damn epic that it seems a completely natural partnership. The sense of melancholy present throughout this album fits perfectly with the elaborate tragedies depicted in the story and this is aided by the fantastically versatile vocals of David Defeis. As you might already have noticed I absolutely love this album, it is definitely one of my favourites and Virgin Steele are probably my favourite traditional/ power metal band. If you are at all into the genre of power metal then you must download this album and partake in it's metallic goodness. I will add more albums by Virgin Steele in the near future but this one is the perfect introduction to their incredible world.

20.SV - Gaz Mask.Radiative Hate

Band: 20.SV
Album: Gaz Mask.Radiative Hate
Genre: Harsh Noise/Dark Ambient
Country of Origin: Lebanon
Year: 2006
Track Listing:
  1. Gaz Mask.Radiative Hate
It's hard to decide, but of the three 20.SV albums I've heard, Gaz Mask.Radiative Hate might be my favorite. It's much more active than the previous 20.SV album I posted, Extermination Process. Gaz Mask.Radiative Hate is a more active journey, one that could best be described as apocalyptic.

20.SV - Extermination Process

Band: 20.SV
Album: Extermination Process
Genre: Harsh Noise/Industrial
Country of Origin: Lebanon
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. Extermination Process
20.SV stands for 20 Sieverts. To quote 20.SV's webpage, "The sievert (symbol: Sv) is the SI derived unit of dose equivalent. It attempts to reflect the biological effects of radiation as opposed to the physical aspects, which are characterized by the absorbed dose, measured in grays. It is named after Rolf Sievert, a Swedish medical physicist famous for work on radiation dosage measurement and research into the biological effects of radiation.Once the human body is exposed to a level of 20Sv…Acute radiation poisoning, 100% fatality after 7 days (LD 100/7). A dose this high leads to spontaneous symptoms after 5 to 30 minutes. After powerful fatigue and immediate nausea caused by direct activation of chemical receptors in the brain by the irradiation, there is a period of several days of comparable well-being, called the 'walking ghost' phase. After that, cell death in the gastric and intestinal tissue, causing massive diarrhea , intestinal bleeding and loss of water, leads to water-electrolyte imbalance. Death sets in with delirium and coma due to breakdown of circulation. Death is inevitable; the only treatment that can be offered is pain therapy." Exposed to 20 Sv, you obviously wouldn't last long. That's exactly the feeling that's meant to be created by 20.SV. Extermination Process is an album for people willing to take their time. It's more trance like than most of his work, breaking slowly into a harsh and inhuman atmosphere coupled with an Industrial beat. It continues on, slowly changing and evolving, in a manner representative of the exterminating process that overtakes the radiated being marked for death. Extermination Process forces you to sit back and let the noise wash over you and draw you in hypnotically. Harsh and atmospheric to the maximum limit.

Note: That picture is not the album, I couldn't find one, so I just grabbed a wallpaper pic off 20.SV's website.

The Talking Heads - Fear of Music

The Talking Heads
Album: Fear of Music
Genre: New Wave/Punk
Country of Origin: United States
Year: 1979
Track Listing:
  1. I Zimbra
  2. Mind
  3. Paper
  4. Life During Wartime
  5. Memories Can't Wait
  6. Cities
  7. Air
  8. Heaven
  9. Animals
  10. Electric Guitar
  11. Drugs
The Talking Heads are a New Wave band that formed in 1974 in New York City. Led by main musician and songwriter David Byrne, it was originally formed from a group of graduates from the Rhode Island School of Design. As such, they were known for having true multimedia performances, with their concerts involving film and other graphics in addition to the music.

Their music might sound like a sort of twisted disco at first, since it draws on punk music as a main influence. They're a very interesting band. It's likely they're one of the least-obscure bands in this blog, since they had large amount of commercial success in the 80's. To quote music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine, the Talking Heads are "one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '80s, while managing to earn several pop hits."

This album, Fear of Music, is their third studio album, and my favorite. It has some of their most classic songs on it (though not their biggest hit, Psycho Killer), in addition to being an excellent album in general. It's a great introduction to the band, showing off their excellent songwriting skills and David Byrne's often subversive lyrics.

Disillusion - The Porter

Band: Disillusion
Album: The Porter
Genre: Progressive/Death Metal
Country of Origin: Germany
Year: 2002

Track Listing:
  1. The Porter - A Lament
  2. Eternal Duality
A Progressive Death Metal band from Germany, Disillusion crafts really brilliant concept songs. This single precedes their first album, Back to Times of Splendor, which I'd suggest to anyone who enjoys this.

Devil Doll - Eliogabalus

Band: Devil Doll
Album: Eliogabalus
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country of Origin: Italy/Slovenia
Year: 1990

Track Listing:

1. Mr. Doctor (20:17)
2. Eliogabalus (24:43)

And this will be my final Devil Doll release (for now, at least) This is the only album they released which has 2 tracks (as opposed to one, epic track)

Please see THIS post for a description of the band.


Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was... Death

Band: Devil Doll
Album: The Girl Who Was... Death
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country of Origin: Italy/Slovenia
Year: 1989

Track Listing:

1. The Girl Who Was... Death (38:48)

Another release from Devil Doll -- This is the first full-length
Mr. Doctor and co. released.

Please see THIS post for a description of the band.


Devil Doll - Dies Irae

Band: Devil Doll
Album: Dies Irae
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country of Origin: Italy/Slovenia
Year: 1996

Track Listing:

1. Dies Irae (45:51)

It's very hard to classify Devil Doll under on particular genre... Which is why I'm listing "Progressive Rock" as the main label, but mentioning: Horror rock and Symphonic Opera Progressive Rock as well, they are a very dark and heavy progressive band from Italy & Slovenia whose music is inspired by old silent horror movies. Devil Doll’s music has been described as “an elaborate and bombastic collision of styles” and “a perverse, yet brilliant soundscape of some forbidden netherworld”. Bands like Jacula can be pointed as an influence to this (at least) very different band. Can't really say it's for everyone, but if you like them then you really fucking like them (like myself)

Devil Doll’s albums are a journey into the unknown theatres of the unexplored soul and mind, they are like a sick cabaret of unsuspecting and, at times, soul-possessing opera. “The Girl Who Was…Death” is an interesting modern symphonic sound with a pervading air of menace. “Eliogabalus” is like a prog-metal symphony, a grandiose, overarching structure that works like a suite. I certainly didn’t take a trip to heaven when I for the first time became familiar with Devil Doll’s many masterpieces. The music is not for everybody, but recommended to those who like their singers dominant. Recommended to fans of Silent horror movies.


Peordh - Glaring From Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost

Band: Peordh
Album: Glaring From Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost
Genre: Atmospheric Pagan black metal
Country of origin: USA
Year: 2008

Track listing:

1. Acenning
2. I Freely Roam
3. Winds That Never Fail
4. An Unbroken Trust
5. The Cleansing Rains
6. An Image of Truth
7. Carried in Wakeless Flight

This is the second album by the US one-man Pagan black metal project Peordh. It is of vast difference to his fantastic debut 'An Obscure Forgotten Path' which had many similarities to the depressive style of black metal and was very much influenced by artists such as Burzum. Instead 'Glaring...' is a much more uplifting black metal album with the distinct theme of nature. Dreogan (the man behind Peordh) does not stop at creating 4 lengthy and incredible songs of Pagan black metal but also goes on to create a mesmerizing keyboard piece as the second last track and a beautiful neoclassical piece, featuring one of the most inspiring and powerful lines I have ever heard, as the last track. This album is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2008 and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Pagan black metal as it is one of the best recent examples of the genre in my opinion.

Reverend Bizarre - III: So Long Suckers

Band: Reverend Bizarre
Album: III: So Long Suckers
Genre: Traditional/ true doom metal
Country of origin: Finland
Year: 2007

Track listing:

Disc I:

1. They Used Dark Forces / Teutonic Witch
2. Sorrow
3. Funeral Summer

Disc II:

1. One Last Time
2. Kundalini Arisen
3. Caesar Forever
4. Anywhere Out of This World
5. Secret Track: Mallorca

This double album was the final album by the fantastic Finnish doom metal outfit Reverend Bizarre before they split up. As such it features what are definitely some of their absolute best songs. Such epic masterpieces of traditional doom as 'Caesar Forever' and 'Anywhere Out of This World' simply cannot be missed. Download this now and feel the cold embrace of the exemplary true doom within.

Disc I:

Disc II:

Shining - V - Halmstad

Band: Shining
Album: V - Halmstad
Genre: Suicidal Depressive Black Metal
Country of Origin: Sweden
Year: 2007

Track Listing (English Translation in Parenthesis):
  1. Yttligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning (Yet Another Step Towards Complete Fucking Desolation)
  2. Längtar Bort Från Mitt Hjärta (Longing Away From My Heart)
  3. Låt Oss ta Allt Från Varandra (Let Us Take Everything From Each Other)
  4. Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni (The Dismal Monotony of Disappointment)
  5. Åttiosextusenfyrahundra (Eightysixthousandfourhundred)*
  6. Neka Morgondagen (Deny Tomorrow)
* "Åttiosextusenfyrahundra" is an adaption of the first movement of Beethoven's The Moonlight Sonata.

V - Halmstad is an incredibly dark album. My favorite Shining album, it makes a lot out of a little. The generally long songs shift tones regularly, from acoustic bits, to Black Metal which goes from aggressive to SDBM, to strings and shrieking solos. The vocals are incredibly interesting; though they take some getting used to, they really fit with the feelings meant to be evoked by the music.

One Note: "Neka Morgondagen" cuts off about two minutes near the end, unless you physically make the player jump beyond that point. The album is still worth listening in this shape, but when I get around to getting a repaired version (it's surprisingly hard; many people have this version), I will post the track individually.

Folly - "Insanity Later"

Insanity Later
genre: Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Skacore, etc.
origin: New Jersey, USA
year: 2004

  1. The Morning Song
  2. Please Don't Shoot The Piano Player
  3. Repeat, I Repeat, Repeat
  4. I've Been Running For Miles, Davis
  5. Discussion Is For The Pigs
  6. The Last I Ever We Wrote
  7. Pterodactyls in America
  8. Serenity Now
  9. Today Jeremy Challenges the World
  10. The City is Drowning
  11. Sweat Water Death
  12. Weak and the Wounded

Folly was formed in Sussex, New Jersey. They mix elements of hardcore, punk, ska(no horns), and metal to form an enjoyably heavy experience. As for why they chose their name they once stated: "Folly is exactly what we are, not just as a band of fools who play ridiculously entwined and exploited musical genres, but as people who are continually kicked while they are down, while stubbornly and resiliently grinning in the face of mainstream adversity." They are now broken up.

This is their first full length album of two, and easily the most "metal" of them. Folly combines cryptic and metaphoric, sometimes "emo" lyrics with intuitive use of time signatures, impressive guitar work, and even more awesome vocals. I find them to be one of the only hardcore bands I really enjoy. I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in metal, even if you aren't really into hardcore, or the other way around. I'll upload the second LP in a few days.

Discharge - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

Band: Discharge
Genre: Punk/D-beat/Hardcore
Location: Stoke-on-trent, England
Year: 1982

This is a hardcore classic, if you haven't heard this album, you need to right now. This is one of the most influential Punk albums of all time. BLISTERING HARDCORE!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamlessness

Band: Discordance Axis
Album: The Inalienable Dreamlessness
Genre: Grind
Location: New Jersey, USA
Year: 2001

One of my favorite grind albums, and my favorite band of the genre. Discordance Axis blends hectic riffs with grinding blasts and some of the most brutal vocals in the scene (thanks to john chang.) If you want to here a masterpiece of the genre, DL this shit now.

Choking Victim - No Gods, No Managers

Band: Choking Victim
Album: No Gods, No Managers
Genre: Ska/Punk
Location: New York, U.S.A
Year: 1999

This is a fantastic Punk album in every sense of the word. Good politics, good music, and good writing. I recommend this album to EVERYONE! Think and listen. SKA PUNK FROM NY!

G.I.S.M - Detestation

Band: G.I.S.M
Album: Detestation
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Location: Japan
Year: 1984

One of the pioneering hardcore bands in japan. Wikipedia had this to say about band member Sakevi:
Sakevi attacked the singer of Jagatara on national television [6]. On stage, Sakevi would often be dressed on stage wearing a balaclava & bullet belt, waving lit flares in audience members faces, using microphone stands as clubs, & attacking concert goers as Vietnam War footage was projected behind him. In the past he has attacked photographers for taking pictures of him & has chased audiences with a flamethrower.

The Evpatoria Report - Golevka

Band: The Evpatoria Report
Album: Golevka
Genre: Post-Rock
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year: 2005

Track Listing:

1. Prognoz
2. Taijin Kyofusho
3. Cosmic Call
4. C.C.S. Logbook
5. Optimal Region Selector
6. Dipole Experiment

The Evpatoria Report was born in January 2002 and the band consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, a violin and a keyboard.

The band offers an instrumental rock combining serenity, power and intensity. In order to enrich some of its compositions, The Evpatoria Report is willing to collaborate with other musicians, as it was the case with Reverse Engineering, the Orchestra of Ribaupierre or the Union Choral society of Vevey. So... Totally get this if you're into chillax post-rock, it's all instrumental so know that going in, and ENJOY IT!

Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene

Band: Broken Social Scene
Album: Broken Social Scene
Genre: Indie Rock
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2005

Track Listing:
  1. Our Faces Split The Coast In Half
  2. Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Day)
  3. 7/4 (Shoreline)
  4. Finish Your Collapse And Stay For Breakfast
  5. Major Label Debut
  6. Fire Eye'd Boy
  7. Windsurfing Nation
  8. Swimmers
  9. Hotel
  10. Handjobs For The Holidays
  11. Superconnected
  12. Bandwitch
  13. Tremoloa Debut
  14. It's All Gonna Break
Broken Social Scene are a band from Toronto, Canada and the ability to make TV studio stages look incredibly crowded due to their obscene amount of band members that only looks modest when compared to Folkearth. Despite being large enough to form a small tribal community, the band manages to draw upon its members' collective creativity and create utterly fantastic music. Their eponymous album is a collection of Indie Rock songs that have an almost Ambient feel, similar to prior album You Forgot it in People; the album definitely has a stronger Rock feel though.

Atlas Strategic- Rapture, Ye Minions!

Band: Atlas Strategic
Album: Rapture, Ye Minions!
Genre: Indie Rock
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2001

Track Listing:
  1. Welcome Aboard
  2. Jeered By Minor Demonds
  3. Chicken Shack
  4. Little Black Heart
  5. Bad Robots
  6. Baby
  7. Day in the Life
  8. Extreme Prejudice
  9. Car
  10. Poisonous Wine
  11. Official Opposition at the Galactic Council
  12. Idiot Boys
  13. Jesus Christ
Atlas Strategic is Dan Boeckner's (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs) first "big" band (that is, they released an album). "Rapture, Ye Minions!" is their first and only full length album though they have an EP release as well, "That's Familiar". If you like Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, there isn't really any reason you won't like Atlas, but they are significantly different. You can tell Dan is a budding Rockstar and the album is much less produced than any Wolf Parade release (which I happen to love, lo-fi is the rocks, but some may be turned off by this). It's hard to put a label on them, but they have a sort of blues, expiramental, and haunting aspect to them while retaining an indie sound (I know, heated label). If you're looking for something new (and something definitely different than what you're used to hearing), give Atlas Strategic a try. If you like them and can't find a release anywhere, I have heard a rumour that they are releasing a sort of "greatest hits" sometime on subpop (probably due to Dan's success in his other groups and the sheer awesomeness of Atlas).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sonic Boom Six - Arcade Perfect

Band: Sonic Boom Six
Album: Arcade Perfect
Genre: Ska Punk with Ragga/Rap influences
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. Arcade Perfect
  2. While You Were Sleeping
  3. Sound Of A Revolution
  4. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
  5. The Strange Tale Of Sid The Strangler
  6. Flower
  7. Meanwhile, Back In The Real World
  8. September To May
  9. Ya Basta! (Rebel Alliance Mix Featuring Suicide Bid)
  10. How I Wish I Could Smile
  11. For 12 Weeks, The City Is Theirs
Sonic Boom Six are inexplicably named given that they're a four-piece band, but... whatever, they're from Manchester, England and they sound interesting. The core of their music is Ska Punk, but some songs include rapping, and "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" and "Ya Basta! (Rebel Alliance Mix Featuring Suicide Bid)", in particular, feel a bit like a Rap songs compositionally. Songs vary from the purely Ska Punk "While You Were Sleeping" to the Rapped "Sound Of A Revolution" to the mellower "Flower".

Alison's Halo - Eyedazzler 1992-1996

Band: Alison's Halo
Album: Eyedazzler 1992 - 1996
Genre: Dream Pop Shoegaze
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 1998

Track Listing:
  1. Raindrop
  2. Wishes
  3. Melt
  4. Chime
  5. Always April
  6. Slowbleed
  7. Torn
  8. Leech
  9. Sunshy
  10. Chalkboard James
  11. Untitled (Live at the Beautiful Noise Festival, 1995)
Alison's Halo is a Dream Pop Shoegaze band formed in 1992 from Tempe, Arizona, consisting of members Adam and Catherine Cooper, Lynn Anderson, and the band's drum machine Alison, which might be named after Slowdive song by the same name. Eyedazzler is a collection of songs the band wrote and recorded between 1992 and 1996, and was finally released in 1998. It is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric albums I've heard. The guitars change from reverberating riffs that envelop the listener, to gentle strumming and picking, and suck you into each song. From the energetic waves "Raindrop", the uplifting melodies "Sunshy", to the delicate echoes of "Leech", Eyedazzler creates engulfing soundscapes that feel as though one could swim through them. One of the best things about the music is Catherine Cooper's vocals; they're light, airy and angelic, accenting the music perfectly.

Soft Machine - Six

Band: Soft Machine
Album: Six
Genre: Psychedelic jazz-rock/ jazz-fusion
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 1973

Track Listing:

1. Fanfare
2. All White
3. Between
4. Riff
5. 37 1/2
6. Gesolreut
7. E.P.V.
8. Lefty
9. Stumble
10. 5 from 13 (for Phil Seamen with thanks)
11. Riff II
12. The soft weed factor
13. Stanley Stamp's Gibbon Album (for B.O.)
14. Chloe and the Pirates
15. 1983

This is the 6th album by the English psychedelic jazz-fusion/ jazz-rock band Soft Machine and my personal favourite. This album completely blew me away the first time I heard it a few years ago and it has continued to blow my mind with every listen. Half of this album is an incredible live performance featuring improvisations and favourites such as the brilliant 'All White' and the other half of the album features the band at their most experimental. It contains blissed out, beautifully atmospheric songs like 'The Soft Weed Factor' as well as tense avant-garde compositions such as '1983'. Whatever your musical tastes this album is highly recommended.