Monday, September 29, 2008

La Rumeur des Chaînes - La Rumeur des Chaînes

Band: La Rumeur des Chaînes
Album: La Rumeur des Chaînes
Genre: Melodic Black Metal/Romantic Classical/Jazz
Country of Origin: France
Year: 2005

Track Listing:
  1. L'Encre et la Plume
  2. Erythème
  3. Le Baptistère
La Rumeur des Chaînes' (the murmur of chains, in French) eponymous EP is one of the most interesting Black Metal releases I've heard. They mix Black Metal with... symphonic jazz? Not quite sure how to describe it. The band and songs are also very conceptual, from the band's site:

La Rumeur des Chaines is an expression of our fears and feelings about Human nature and his place in this world. It's a way to show our incomprehension of a too complex society, where the individual doesn't really exist anymore and in which we cannot find our way about. The lyrics deal with how the individual is perverted by his environment, how he is loosing any attachment to his roots."

And on the lyrics page of their website, the songs carry these descriptions:

L'Encre et la Plume: The main theme of “L’Encre et la Plume” is about masses manipulation. In this song, La Plume (Feather) is the embodiment of those who are able to write down their will for power on weak spirits.

Erythème deals with the reciprocity in manipulation processes, trying to prove that any takeover necessarily induce a mutual dependence between master and slave.

Le Baptistère: This song considers the consequences of a divine rebellion against mankind, which is inexorably drifting.


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