Saturday, September 13, 2008

Folly - "Insanity Later"

Insanity Later
genre: Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Skacore, etc.
origin: New Jersey, USA
year: 2004

  1. The Morning Song
  2. Please Don't Shoot The Piano Player
  3. Repeat, I Repeat, Repeat
  4. I've Been Running For Miles, Davis
  5. Discussion Is For The Pigs
  6. The Last I Ever We Wrote
  7. Pterodactyls in America
  8. Serenity Now
  9. Today Jeremy Challenges the World
  10. The City is Drowning
  11. Sweat Water Death
  12. Weak and the Wounded

Folly was formed in Sussex, New Jersey. They mix elements of hardcore, punk, ska(no horns), and metal to form an enjoyably heavy experience. As for why they chose their name they once stated: "Folly is exactly what we are, not just as a band of fools who play ridiculously entwined and exploited musical genres, but as people who are continually kicked while they are down, while stubbornly and resiliently grinning in the face of mainstream adversity." They are now broken up.

This is their first full length album of two, and easily the most "metal" of them. Folly combines cryptic and metaphoric, sometimes "emo" lyrics with intuitive use of time signatures, impressive guitar work, and even more awesome vocals. I find them to be one of the only hardcore bands I really enjoy. I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in metal, even if you aren't really into hardcore, or the other way around. I'll upload the second LP in a few days.

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Evergreen said...

This is some truly awesome hardcore!