Saturday, September 13, 2008

Peordh - Glaring From Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost

Band: Peordh
Album: Glaring From Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost
Genre: Atmospheric Pagan black metal
Country of origin: USA
Year: 2008

Track listing:

1. Acenning
2. I Freely Roam
3. Winds That Never Fail
4. An Unbroken Trust
5. The Cleansing Rains
6. An Image of Truth
7. Carried in Wakeless Flight

This is the second album by the US one-man Pagan black metal project Peordh. It is of vast difference to his fantastic debut 'An Obscure Forgotten Path' which had many similarities to the depressive style of black metal and was very much influenced by artists such as Burzum. Instead 'Glaring...' is a much more uplifting black metal album with the distinct theme of nature. Dreogan (the man behind Peordh) does not stop at creating 4 lengthy and incredible songs of Pagan black metal but also goes on to create a mesmerizing keyboard piece as the second last track and a beautiful neoclassical piece, featuring one of the most inspiring and powerful lines I have ever heard, as the last track. This album is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2008 and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Pagan black metal as it is one of the best recent examples of the genre in my opinion.

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Stranger said...

Awesome freakin' album.