Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Band: Film School
Album: Film School (self titled)
Genre: Shoegaze (Newgaze)
1.) Untitled
2.) On & On
3.) Harmed
4.) Pitfalls
5.) Breet
6.) He's A Deep Deep Lake
7.) Garrison
8.) 11:11
9.) Sick Of The Shame
10.) Like You Know

Film School is the second album of the band of the same name, and also my first exposure to the group. Initially being captivated by their modern shoe-gaze feel, new-gaze if you will, and rough around the edge riffs and all too often dreamy vocals along with several post-rock elements, I instantly fell in love with the band and this album. I think that spin(dot)com put it best:

"Quiet but intense, subtle but unrestrained, the songs of Film School possess, musically speaking, more balls than Sigur Ros and less eccentricity than Moby. It's like a seamless score to your dreams. Or hallucinations"

Give it a spin, then go ahead and put it on repeat.

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