Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mostly Autumn - Heart Full of Sky

Band: Mostly Autumn
Album: Heart Full of Sky
Genre: Progressive Folk/Rock
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2007


1. Fading Colours
2. Half a World
3. Pocket Watch
4. Blue Light
5. Walk With a Storm
6. Find the Sun
7. Ghost
8. Broken
9. Silver Glass
10. Further From Home
11. Dreaming

This album is my favourite by the British progressive folk rock band Mostly Autumn. It shows clear influence from bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Jethro Tull and features many very varied songs which are all brilliant. This album features beautiful and powerful female vocals from Heather Findlay and excellent male vocals from Bryan Josh and Chris Johnson. Well worth downloading for anyone who is into progressive music or just fans of folk or rock in general.

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