Thursday, September 11, 2008

Soft Machine - Six

Band: Soft Machine
Album: Six
Genre: Psychedelic jazz-rock/ jazz-fusion
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 1973

Track Listing:

1. Fanfare
2. All White
3. Between
4. Riff
5. 37 1/2
6. Gesolreut
7. E.P.V.
8. Lefty
9. Stumble
10. 5 from 13 (for Phil Seamen with thanks)
11. Riff II
12. The soft weed factor
13. Stanley Stamp's Gibbon Album (for B.O.)
14. Chloe and the Pirates
15. 1983

This is the 6th album by the English psychedelic jazz-fusion/ jazz-rock band Soft Machine and my personal favourite. This album completely blew me away the first time I heard it a few years ago and it has continued to blow my mind with every listen. Half of this album is an incredible live performance featuring improvisations and favourites such as the brilliant 'All White' and the other half of the album features the band at their most experimental. It contains blissed out, beautifully atmospheric songs like 'The Soft Weed Factor' as well as tense avant-garde compositions such as '1983'. Whatever your musical tastes this album is highly recommended.

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