Wednesday, September 17, 2008

buried inside - chronoclast

Band: Buried Inside
Album: Chronoclast (Selected Essays on Time-Reckoning and Auto-Cannibalism)
Genre: Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2005

  1. "Introduction" - 2:51
  2. "Time As Ideology" - 3:14
  3. "Time As Methodology" - 2:23
  4. "Time As Surrogate Religion" - 7:12
  5. "Time As Imperialism" - 4:24
  6. "Reintroduction" - 2:00
  7. "Time As Abjection" - 4:55
  8. "Time As Automation" - 0:56
  9. "Time As Commodity" - 5:50
  10. "Time As Resistance" - 6:15
Exerpt from Aversionline review:

"Fuck. This is an amazing fucking disc. This is the third full-length from these Canadians, though like many it's my first exposure to them, which is a shame in a way... because I wish I had been following them for years already! Expect 40 minutes of punishing metallic hardcore comparable to a blend of commonly bonded acts like Neurosis, Isis, Burst, and Tantrum, to name but a few noteworthy companions to this style of material. The record was written as one complete piece, here divided into 10 tracks that sort of cover two segments of five - each starting with an introductory piece and containing four different conceptual representation of time, reflecting the concept of the album. Amongst the material are tons of shifts from sinister atmospheric passages using clean guitars and a distinct bass presence to frantically picked chords that are faster and backed by far more frenzied drum work that lays down shitloads of fills all over the place, as well as absolutely crushing midpaced rhythms that are much chunkier and more tangible in level of dissonance (such influences are certainly my favorite aspects of the CD)."

in short, it's a huge, raging album with loads of sophistication that's more rewarding than most of the other stuff i've ever sent through my headphones. not for the weak of heart, but i have faith you guys can take it.

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