Saturday, September 13, 2008

Totalselfhatred - Totalselfhatred

Band: Totalselfhatred
Album: Totalselfhatred
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 2008

Track Listing:

1. Enlightment (not a typo...)
2. Ruoska
3. Sledge Hammered Heart
4. Spirituelle Equilibrium
5. Mighty Black Dimensions
6. Carving
7. Total Self-Hatred

Emotional, intensive and spiritual
Desperate & melancholic

Upon these terms
2 friends decided to fulfill a vision
they had since long

With the 3rd soul
joining in autumn 2005
They named it along their lives` spiritual
inspiration source:

The hate towards the self

To point it out clear!
The band is dedicated to the searching
Not to the self-pity

Totalselfhatred is a symbol for ressurrection
through pain

A pool for the frustrated

for the despereate in life
for those living and bleeding
towards a higher truth

To crush the circles of self-inflicted suffering!
For I am my worst enemy…

Fantastic Black Metal band out of Finland, grab this if you're even remotely into Black Metal.



Evergreen said...

This album is absolutely brilliant!

Kodanshi said...

Unfortunately it’s also no longer available. Re–upload?