Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Atrox - Orgasm

Band: Atrox
Album: Orgasm
Genre: Avant-garde/ progressive gothic metal
Country of origin: Norway
Year: 2003


1. Methods of Survival
2. Flesh City
3. Heartquake
4. Burning Bridges
5. This Vigil
6. Tentacles
7. Secondhand Traumas
8. Pre-sense

This album is a true masterpiece of avant-garde/ progressive metal featuring Eivind Fjoseide and Tor-Arne Helgesen from Manes on guitar and drums respectively and the incredibly talented Monika Edvardsen on vocals. Monika Edvardsen is one of my absolute favourite singers, her voice is beautiful, powerful, sensual and just totally orgasmic really. The album also features fantastic male vocals by Rune Folgerø whose voice compliments Monika brilliantly. The music could be described as complex, beautiful, eccentric and emotional but really the excellence of this album and band cannot be described in words, you simply must download this and listen with an open mind.

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