Saturday, September 13, 2008

Devil Doll - Dies Irae

Band: Devil Doll
Album: Dies Irae
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country of Origin: Italy/Slovenia
Year: 1996

Track Listing:

1. Dies Irae (45:51)

It's very hard to classify Devil Doll under on particular genre... Which is why I'm listing "Progressive Rock" as the main label, but mentioning: Horror rock and Symphonic Opera Progressive Rock as well, they are a very dark and heavy progressive band from Italy & Slovenia whose music is inspired by old silent horror movies. Devil Doll’s music has been described as “an elaborate and bombastic collision of styles” and “a perverse, yet brilliant soundscape of some forbidden netherworld”. Bands like Jacula can be pointed as an influence to this (at least) very different band. Can't really say it's for everyone, but if you like them then you really fucking like them (like myself)

Devil Doll’s albums are a journey into the unknown theatres of the unexplored soul and mind, they are like a sick cabaret of unsuspecting and, at times, soul-possessing opera. “The Girl Who Was…Death” is an interesting modern symphonic sound with a pervading air of menace. “Eliogabalus” is like a prog-metal symphony, a grandiose, overarching structure that works like a suite. I certainly didn’t take a trip to heaven when I for the first time became familiar with Devil Doll’s many masterpieces. The music is not for everybody, but recommended to those who like their singers dominant. Recommended to fans of Silent horror movies.


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