Saturday, September 13, 2008

Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus Act I

Band: Virgin Steele
Album: The House of Atreus Act I
Genre: Traditional/ Power Metal
Country of origin: USA
Year: 1999


1. Kingdom of the Fearless (the Destruction of Troy)
2. Blaze of Victory (the watchman's Song)
3. Through the Ring of Fire
4. Prelude in A Minor (the Voyage Home)
5. Death Darkly Closed Their Eyes (The Messenger's Song)
6. In Triumph or Tragedy
7. Return of the King
8. Flames of the Black Star (the Arrows of Herakles)
9. Narcissus
10. And Hecate Smiled
11. A Song of Prophecy
12. Child of Desolation
13. G Minor Invention (Descent Into Death's Twilight Kingdom)
14. Day of Wrath
15. Great Sword of Flame
16. The Gift of Tantalos
17. Iphigenia in Hades
18. The Fire God
19. Garden of Lamentation
20. Agony and Shame
21. Gate of Kings
22. Via Sacra

This epic album is the first part of a two-album concept telling the story of a classic Greek myth. The criminally underrated Virgin Steele, legends among people who know them, took the concept and expertly paired it with music so brilliant, so powerful and so damn epic that it seems a completely natural partnership. The sense of melancholy present throughout this album fits perfectly with the elaborate tragedies depicted in the story and this is aided by the fantastically versatile vocals of David Defeis. As you might already have noticed I absolutely love this album, it is definitely one of my favourites and Virgin Steele are probably my favourite traditional/ power metal band. If you are at all into the genre of power metal then you must download this album and partake in it's metallic goodness. I will add more albums by Virgin Steele in the near future but this one is the perfect introduction to their incredible world.

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