Friday, May 1, 2009

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice

Artist: Crystal Castles
Genre: Electronic, Chip
Album: Alice practice (EP)

I was hyping these guys back in '06 when this came out. Yet another classic case of no one listening too me. Look where they are now!

Get that shit!


Anonymous said...

Crystal Castles Live

Foldered said...

friend saw them at sasquatch and i ran into people on the skytrain that had just seen the show (i went to handsome furs that night). seems like they are getting pretty big.

Zyklon B. Zombie said...

Hey Colin, it's Davey. I want in on this blog, I made my own blog but it just seems hard to run a music blog like this on your own. What do I have to do to get on the AE team? I have lots of good music that guys don't have and I feel that I would bring a unique flavor to this blog.