Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aushvitz/Spinal Cord - 2002-2006

Better known for his work in the band Galneryus and Animetal Syu has another project up his sleeve. Started in 2002 under the name Aushvitz it was a slow going project from the start. But the music doesn't lack in anyway. An eclectic mix of Extreme Metal, Shred, and Hard Rock. The downside? Every release is a single with no album even on the horizon. Recently the name was changed to Spinal Cord after a long hiatus with a promise to kick it into high gear. With another single late last year and no info from the bands side again it's not looking good. But for now enjoy whats out

1. Where we Go?
2. ほむらび
3. 赤涙
4. 脳拘束

1. アペカの快楽

恋破レ、水没(2003)*my fav*
1. 慟哭
2. 恋破レ、水没
3. 拷問破り、逃れる術、ありますか?

1. 背徳の祈り
2. 背徳の祈り

All of these in a nice little rar:

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