Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Dear Hunter - Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

Continues the surreal story of The Dear Hunter, begun with Act 1 (posted below).

This is my personal favorite of the 3 albums released by The Dear Hunter thus far, as well as their first with a full line-up (the first album was essentially a solo effort).

Track Listing

1. The Death and the Berth
2. The Procession
3. The Lake and the River
4. The Oracles on the Delphi Express
5. The Church and the Dime
6. The Bitter Suite 1 & 2
7. The Bitter Suite 3
8. Smiling Swine
9. Evicted
10. Blood of the Rose
11. Red Hands
12. Where the Road Parts
13. Dear Ms. Leading
14. Black Sandy Beaches
15. Vital Vessle Vindicates

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RIYL: The Mars Volta, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Sound of Animals Fighting

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tanni said...

great album. i used to listen to these guys all the time