Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nouvelle Vague

Artist: Nouvelle Vague
Album: Nouvelle Vague
Year: 2004
Country: France
1. Love Will Tear Us Apart
2. Just Can't Get Enough
3. In A Manner Of Speaking
4. Guns Of Brixton
5. This Is Not A Love Song
6. Too Drunk To Fuck
7. Marian
8. Making Plans For Nigel
9. A Forest
10. I Melt With You
11. Teenage Kicks
12. Psyche
13. Friday Night Saturday Morning

I could have sworn I've uploaded this already, but apparently not. My hard drive filled up last night and in the midst of the chaos I re-found this album. What say you to bossa nova covers of punk rock, post punk, and new wave? Anything with a dedicated whistle solo instantly gets my respect.
Whistle whistle whistle


Foldered said...

Guns of Brixton, Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Too Drunk to Fuck?

I'm all over this!

noodle said...

Too Drunk To Fuck is amazing.

I really wish their follow up album wasn't so generic. I don't even think they though about using the whistle again.

Foldered said...

this is really good.