Friday, September 4, 2009

The Babys - Paradise Kiss OST CD2

Track Listing:
1. Prologue
2. Kibun ga Yokute Nani ga Warui
3. No No Future
4. Fumenshou no Debu
5. Extra Dialogue #1
6. Alien
7. My Little Girl
8. Shounen Knife
9. MC
10. Kikoenai Uta
11. RRPP
12. Extra Dialogue #2
13. Anarchy in Kobayashi
14. Fujirokku
15. Kimi no Yoru, Boku ni Dake Kurenai ka
16. Extra Dialogue #3
17. Romantic na Speed de
18. Epilogue

This is the second CD packed in with the OST for the anime series Paradise Kiss. It is comprised of singles from the Japanese indie band The Babys over the years, since Paradise Kiss used these as background music during some scenes in the show (and the vocalist is a voice actor for one of the main characters).

If you're into softer J-rock at least give a few tracks a listen like Alien, My Little Girl, RRPP, Kimi no Yoru, and Romantic na Speed de.

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jsc said...

i love that anime. wish i could of downloaded this before megaupload was shut down. thanks though. nice blog. I appreciate the time you put writing your own personal reviews with everything you put up.