Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brenna Sahitjian - Crude but Lucid

Brenna Sahitjian

Album: Crude but Lucid
Genre: Folk
Country: USA
Year: 2005

Brenna is a member of the Riot Folk collective, a non-profit (more aptly described as anti-profit) group of folkers and punkers. As such, all of their music is completely free.

Brenna plays slow (for the most part) acoustic folk music, with biting lyrics and a wonderful voice (I'm a sucker for female vocalists). Plus it took me FOREVER to track down any of the Riot Folk albums, so hopefully its appreciated. So here it is for you all. Hope you enjoy it.

Brenna Sahitjian - Crude But Lucid (MEGAUPLOOOOOAD)

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Charles D. Ward said...

Hey mr. Nexus, I am slowly, deeply and stickily falling in love with your Anarcoustic music on here, including the Slug's Revenge, Mischief Brew etc. though I'm not sure if you or one of your AE colleagues uploaded it.

In any case, big fan here, thanks much, keep up the good stuff. :)