Monday, November 3, 2008

Tom Lehrer - Frost Report Songs

Tom Lehrer:

Frost Report cast:

Band: Tom Lehrer
Album: Frost Report Songs
Genre: Satirical Pop/Piano
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 1966

Track Listing:
  1. Decimal
  2. Pollution
  3. So Long Mom (A Song For World War III)
  4. That Is the End of the News
  5. Who's Next
Tom Lehrer is Harvard professor and in the past was also a musician slash satirist. While this isn't actually an official album, it is a cohesive collection of songs he did live for the Frost Report, an old British comedy TV show. Tom Lehrer's sharp wit and sense of humor accompany his catchy tunes as he goes on about everything from nuclear proliferation to jingoism to pollution. He's also done a lot of songs on science and math, and made risque songs like "Masochism Tango", about BDSM. Given the time period, you can see how ahead of his time he was. Anyway, this short (just over 12 minutes) collection of tunes is hilarious, catchy and classic.

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