Monday, November 17, 2008

the murder of rosa luxemburg - everyone's in love and the flowers pick themselves

band: the murder of rosa luxemburg
album: everyone's in love and the flowers pick themselves
genre: post-hardcore, math rock
country: uk
year: 2003

"So what makes The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg, different from your average post-hardcore band? Well, let's see first off there are the numerous experimentations with electronica, seen in the tracks Jack and Oscar Have A Fight and Ex Post Facto. These electronic tracks are very similar to the interludes found on Minus the Bear's first LP Highly Refined Pirates. Another aspect that The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg's music has is the sense of humor and spazziness found in a group like The Blood Brothers. The thing that makes The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg's music more interesting then The Blood Brothers is that instead of concentrating on having ridiculous vulgar lyrics screamed by two crazy singers with very simple music backing it, the actual music seems to be the center point of The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg experience, and what wonderful music it is. The group's main tools of destruction are the fantastic bass and guitar interplay. The bass lines on this album are one of the key reasons I love it, they are so jumpy and random very similar to the bass lines of another favorite band of mine, Off Minor. The guitars have that jazzy hardcore sound that The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower has, for those that have heard them. The drumming is simple yet suits most of the songs and the lead singer's scream/talk is nasally but not to the extent where it is bothersome. The lyrics aren't anything special just nonsense that is trying to tell a crazy *** story about a man and the fight inside his conscious which is represented by a cat and a dog. All of the songs that are not electronic experiments are constantly progressing into new parts which really keep this album from getting old. While most of the songs are heavy, the band is able to jump between various styles of heavy music whether it is straight up hardcore, grind, and even some alternative rock type stuff."

you probably haven't heard much music like this before, so give it a shot. it's fun.


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