Friday, October 31, 2008

V/A Anarcho Compilation

Band: V/A
Album: Nick's Magical Anarcho Compilation
Genre: Folk/Punk
Country: USA
Year: 2012

This is a comp I put together of the bands that I have select discographies of, so anyone interested in any of the groups can tell me and I can upload what I have of their material. I put together my favorite groups and some of my favorite tracks by them. Alot of these artists (although certainly not all) distribute their music for free, and play in garages and small venues for free. Quite the DIY punk mentality, but just folky instead of crusty. And there's a nice variety here. Fun dancey hoedown jams and slow emotional ones; fun lyrics and political lyrics; old men and young kids; well known groups (Chumba and Against Me) and no name kids.

I hope you guys enjoy it. And like I said, comment here or on AE if you would like to request albums from any group/person on the comp.


01 - Mischief Brew - Thanks Bastards
02 - Chumbawamba - Word Bomber
03 - Al Baker - Til the Fences Fall
04 - Saw Wheel - Obvious Hit
05 - Defiance Ohio - Oh Susquehanna
06 - Andzrej Stepien - Robin Hood
07 - David Rovics - New Orleans
08 - Johnny One Lung - Fix Up
09 - Tin Tree Factory - Revolution Pop
10 - Casey Neill - Dancing on the Ruins (of Multinational Corporations)
11 - Madeline - Dumpster Dive Mother
12 - Against Me - Impact
13 - Joey Only - Fire on Anarchist Mountain
14 - Shannon Murray - Conspiracy Theory
15 - Bread and Roses - Buried in Business Casual
16 - Rosa - Whiskey Smile

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Thanks! I'd love to find more Casey Neill if you have the time to post more of his stuff.