Saturday, October 18, 2008

moving mountains - pneuma

band: moving mountains
album: pneuma
genre: post-rock, indie rock
country: usa
year: 2007

"...I have yet to detail why I’m so ticked off at myself for being woefully under-informed. Pick your reason. But it’s probably the vast diversities between songs - “Aphelion” mixes horns with startling screams, while “Sol Solis” is a simple, acoustic ballad. Their ability to write a mathy and atmospheric rock song (“Alastika”) never hampers their aptitude at transcending the restraints of ‘regular’ post-rock (“The Earth And The Sun”). Quite simply, there is nothing these guys can’t do."

This is music in the 'post-rock/indie rock mashup' vein that bands like the Appleseed Cast or A Red Season Shade occupy, though said bands RARELY reach the intensity or the sheer quality Moving Mountains have put together here.


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