Saturday, October 4, 2008

cancer conspiracy - omega

band: the cancer conspiracy
album: omega
genre: instrumental
country: usa
year: 2008

"Omega is the final testament to the instrumental indie/math/prog-rockers The Cancer Conspiracy. Recorded over four years ago, the album was left in limbo due to some unfortunately label circumstances. But even though the band has been disbanded for several years now, the music that comprises this album is not dated in the least.

"...Even though several years have passed since the time when The Cancer Conspiracy were actually a band, the release of Omega is still relevant. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this album is the fact of how much time has passed since it was recorded and how fresh it still sounds. Though it may not seem like it, this three-piece outfit has had a drastic influence on the indie music world with their willingness to experiment with multiple genres. Where Omega fits into the world of music may not be known just yet, but I definitely feel it is going to be an instrumental album in the development of many bands to come." - scenepointblank

Cancer Conspiracy were one of the first instrumental bands i ever got REALLY excited about. no gimmicks, no tech for tech's sake, just solid music by men with instruments


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