Sunday, October 5, 2008

Naikaku - Shell

album: shell
genre: instrumental, progressive
country: japan
year: 2006

"Shell is the second album from Japanese duo Naikaku. Bassist Satoshi Kobayashi and flautist Kazumi Suzuki receive a lot of help from session musicians Norimitsu Endo on drums and Mitsuo on guitars and trumpet. The sound Naikaku achieve is refreshingly original and exhausting in its intensity. As a point of comparison, Naikaku mixes the ferocity of King Crimson with the psychedelia of Ozric Tentacles as well as the gentle pastoral woodwinds of Anglagard, incredibly without particularly sounding like any of those bands." -sea of tranquility

recommended for fans of epic, noodley, progressive instrumental music.


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Rocksteady said...

This is a really amazing album. GOOD UP!