Saturday, October 4, 2008

Keykhosro & Tahmoures Pournazeri - Mastan - Music of the Mystics

Band: Keykhosro & Tahmoures Pournazeri
Album: Mastan - Music of the Mystics
Genre: Persian Traditional Folk Music

Track Listing:
  1. Robabi
  2. Avazjan
  3. Hamraz
  4. Yar/Aieneh/Molana
  5. Eshgh Ast / Bar Aseman/ Molana
  6. Ey Del / Molana/ Baraye To/ Attar
  7. Bikam
A friend gave this to me, and I figure it'd be something interesting to share. He gave me this description:

"The music is based on the poetry of Rumi, a sufi mystic who is considered by many to be the greatest love poet. Please see here if you wish to learn more about Rumi:

Complex intertwining melodies spilled forth from traditional persian instruments - mainly the oud - form harmonic patterns in a manner vaguely reminiscent of the most exquisite metal or post rock. I predict listeners will find the soundscapes projected by the unique Persian musical system to be exotic and foreign yet tantalizingly familiar. This is something that should be listened to for its entirety which is 56.6 minutes."

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