Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Slug's Revenge - Revenge is Never a 4 Letter Word

Band: Slug's Revenge
Album: Revenge is Never a 4 Letter Word
Genre: Bluegrass/Punk
Country: USA
Year: 2008

Slug's Revenge is part of the Rustystrings co-op, which is essentially a bunch of anarcho kids who play bluegrass/folk music, with some punkish vocals and sensibilities. Slug's is self-recorded and produced (on Sawjaw Records... not that he gets much distrib hahaha), have all their (his) albums up for free on their (his) website, and tour people's garages and backyards. In short, your typical underground punk band. One of the best anarcho-folk bands I've ever heard (right up there with Mischief Brew, Alan Baker, and Defiance Ohio), and the new recordings are amazing. Some of the most badass pickwork I've heard and some great lyrics. Kevin is the man (and a really nice guy to boot).

It's some amazing stuff, so I hope you guys check it out.

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Foldered said...

Definitely awesome stuff.