Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sgt. - stylus fantasticus

band: sgt.
album: stylus fantasticus
genre: post-rock
country: japan
year: 2008

"Formed in 1999, the Japanese four-piece sgt. utilizes a broad range of genres to create their distinctive sound, including that of post-rock, jazz, ambient and improvisation. Using a guitar, violin, drums and bass guitar, the band creates uplifting instrumental compositions comparable to such acts as Toe or Anoice."

Sgt. are a fabulous little band from Japan who make instrumental music which varies from Caspian-like epic (p.s. listen to Caspian) to an almost Ozric Tentaclesian jam, but with more focus and less rave drugs


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Stranger said...

this shit be SPANKIN'

tanks dawg