Saturday, January 10, 2009

Black Grass - Black Grass

Artist: Black Grass
Album: Black Grass
Genre: Hip-hop/ electronica
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2003

1. Grass Roots
2. Easy feat. Blak Twang
3. Score
4. Going Home feat. Ra Khahn
5. Aporia
6. Nice Up
7. Reprise
8. Bang (Turn It Out) feat. Supa TC Iz
9. The Finest Thing feat. Ra Khahn
10. Self Assessment feat. Maylay Sparks
11. Ain't the Man feat. Mango Seed
12. Toys

This is an excellent British hip-hop/ electronica album. Black Grass is simply two men who make incredible beats and this album features an assortment of guest artists both from the UK and US. So anyone who is into hip-hop or electronica in general you should definitely pick this up.

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