Friday, January 2, 2009

Tiamat - The Astral Sleep

Band: Tiamat
Album: The Astral Sleep
Genre: Death Metal
Country of Origin: Sweden
Year: 1991

Track Listing:
  1. Neo Aeon (Intro)
  2. Lady Temptress
  3. Mountain Of Doom
  4. Dead Boys' Choir
  5. Sumerian Cry (Part III)
  6. On Golden Wings
  7. Ancient Entity
  8. The Southernmost Voyage
  9. Angels Far Beyond
  10. I Am The King (Of Dreams)
  11. A Winter Shadow
  12. The Seal (Outro)
Sweden's Tiamat is best known for their Gothic Metal and Goth Rock work. Their fourth release, Wildhoney, is iconic and their recent Goth Rock work, including this years Amanethes, is well known. However, long, long ago they were part of the Swedeath scene and have been sadly underrated, often ignored in the face of bands like Dismember, Unleashed and Grave. Any fan of Swedeath or old school DM in general should find this album enjoyable, or for those familiar with Tiamat's early work, a classic. The Astral Sleep is their second album and second to last DM album, preceeded by the less entertaining Sumerian Cry and followed by the wonderful Clouds. The riffage will be familiar to Swedeath fans. Like all the other iconic Swedeath bands, Tiamat's style is unique but shares a memorable feel with the other Swedeath bands, marking it a member of that elite group of DM pioneers. The production is rough and the guitar tone thick and meaty. Most of the songs are excellent, straight forward Death Metal, but the album displays Tiamat as one of the most creative Swedeath bands. "Mountain Of Doom" begins with gorgeous synths and acoustic, and "The Southernmost Voyage" is almost entirely acoustic and filled with dream like synths and singing, broken up with a soaring solo. The lyrics are also great.

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