Friday, January 8, 2010

Warpaint - Exquisite Corpse

Artist: Warpaint
Album: Exquisite Corpse
Genre: dream-pop/shoegaze
Year: 2009 (but most of the songs have been around for longer I believe)
Heres a link to the song Billie Holiday, after listening you'll know if your onboard or not. It feels like the group has been around forever but this album has only (or rather finally) been released this past year. Dreamy, a little fuzzy around the edges, Warpaint has a sound that truly takes you elsewhere. And oh yeah, Shannyn Sossaman was originally the drummer for band.


Anonymous said...
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noodle said...

Nice to see somebody cleaned up the spam for me.

Anonymous said...

I expected some Deathcore music or such from the album title, but this is some interesting stuff indeed. kinda reminds me of Black Math Horseman.