Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back Door Slam - Roll Away

Band: Back Door Slam
Album: Roll Away
Genre: Blues Rock
Country of Origin: Isle of Man
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. Come Home
  2. Heavy On My Mind
  3. Outside Woman Blues (Cream cover)
  4. Gotta Leave
  5. Stay
  6. Too Late
  7. Takes A Real Man
  8. It'll All Come Around
  9. Too Good For Me
  10. Roll Away
  11. Real Man
Back Door Slam are a Blues Rock trio from the Isle of Man. Roll Away is their debut album is full of excellent basslines, great Blues riffs and the deep, emotive singing of vocalist Davy Knowles. I can't compare it to anything as I'm not much of a Blues person but I know that I really dig this album, so maybe you will too.

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