Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio & Spirirtual Front - Satyriasis

Bands: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Spiritual Front
Album: Satyriasis
Genre: Neofolk, Industrial ("The Pleasure Of Pain")
Country of Origin: Italy (Spiritual Front), Sweden (ORE)
Year: 2005

Track Listing:
  1. Your Sex Is The Scar (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio feat. Spiritual Front)
  2. Song For The Old Man (Spiritual Front)
  3. Hell Is Where The Heart Is - The Gospel Of Tomas (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
  4. Autopsy of a Love (Spiritual Front)
  5. Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
  6. Border (Spiritual Front)
  7. Dreaming Of My Scarlet Woman (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
  8. The Pleasure Of Pain (Spiritual Front feat. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
Split between two of my favorite Neofolk bands, the idea of which formed when the leaders of the two bands met at an orgy in Germany. Satyriasis is the male version of nymphomania, and as is to be expected, many of the songs are very erotically charged, though this is a common aspect of both bands' music. Both the individual songs and the two collaborative efforts are fantastic, and the ORE songs are some of my favorites of theirs. Highly suggested.

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