Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Teej & Tom Caruana - Sound of Teejuana

Artist: Teej & Tom Caruana
Album: Sound of Teejuana
Genre: Psychedelic hip-hop
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2009

1. Mythological
2. Glastonbury
3. Trap-Door feat. Elemental
4. The Divinity of Femininity
5. Another Typical Weekend
6. The Government Always Get In feat. Dizraeli
7. Mental Dungeon of Everything
8. Dead Cops Now
9. In the Dark
10. Curse of the Corporate Body Rotters feat. Tom Caruana & Elemental
11. Aton
12. She's Mine feat. Elemental & Joncept
13. Mythological (T-Dimentia Remix)
14. Glastonbury (Michael Eavis Remix)

This album is, simply put, one of the best hip-hop albums I've heard in years. Something for everyone who enjoys hip-hop with an eye on the nice sides of life. That said, politics, the dangers behind trap-doors and even zombies are discussed on this album in a brilliant, witty and simply fantastic way. Teej is a different sort of rapper to the grimey or gangsta' rappers (not that I don't enjoy some of those too as I do). His style is very literate with many references to art, ancient gods and all manner of things that you would not expect to hear discussed by someone who is all about the street. Tom Caruana is an absolutely brilliant producer making some of the best hip-hop beats in the UK and armed with an amazing sense of creativity and originality (he also does guest vocals on the song 'Curse of the Corporate Body Rotters'). He has worked with excellent UK hip-hop artists such as Dr. Syntax, Elemental, Skinnyman and others. Together Teej and Tom are Teejuana, an unstoppable force in psychedelic hip-hop. Download now to hear it for yourself.

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