Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spiritual Front - Armageddon Gigolò

Band: Spiritual Front
Album: Armageddon Gigolò
Genre: Neofolk
Country of Origin: Italy
Year: 2006

Track Listing:
  1. Slave
  2. Bastard Angel
  3. I Walk the (Dead) Line
  4. The Shining Circle
  5. My Kingdom for a Horse
  6. Jesus Died in Las Vegas
  7. Cruisin'
  8. Love Through Vaseline
  9. Ragged Bed
  10. No Kisses on the Mouth
  11. Redemption or Myself
Excellent Neofolk with a very distinct feel. Not sure how to describe it, but I find it to be very emotionally charged, personal and touching music which covers a variety of thoughts and experiences. Listen to it yourself to decide, enjoy.

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